“The presentation was great! The students loved it, and we know this by their behavior and engagement by asking so many questions. Wonderful!”

Linda G. Jarzyniecki, NBCT, ACCESS Distant Learning, Educational Technology, Alabama Department of Education


“This is by far the best presenter and program that we have had come to our school.  She is energetic and passionate about her program, and it shows.  Our students absolutely loved it, and we will participate year-after-year.”

Kevin McBride, Assistant Principal, Woodville High School, Alabama


“Ms. Thompson and the Helen Keller Character Education Program are both outstanding.  Keller Thompson held the attention for my students for the entire hour, and they had many, many questions for her.  She is truly a gifted speaker, and we hope to have her come every year for our students.”

Shannon Nettles, Teacher, Webster Elementary School, Muscle Shoals, Alabama


“Ms. Keller, Thank you for coming to talk to my school about your great, grand Aunt, Helen Keller.  I think she has to be the most wonderful person in the world.  She would be proud that you are taking her story to so many students.  It definitely changed my life, and I know that I want to be like Helen Keller and change other people’s lives.” 

Grace Anne Mills, Student, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


“Our children knew who Helen Keller was but thanks to Keller Johnson-Thompson and the Helen Keller Character Education Program, our children now know the incredible life story and life lessons of Helen Keller.  Thank you Keller!!  Wonderful program.”

Heather Faulkner, Teacher, Deshler High School, Alabama


“Keller, thank you so much for coming and presenting the Helen Keller Character Education Program to our students.  You are such a gifted speaker, and our students always enjoy learning from you the many lessons of Helen Keller.  Keep up the great work.” 

Jake Linville, History Teacher, Tuscumbia City Schools, Alabama


“Ms. Keller, I enjoyed your presentation at my school so much.  I never knew that Helen Keller did so many things being blind and deaf.  I hope that I can do some of the things she did to help make this world a better place.  God Bless you.” 

Jamie Hampton, Student, Oak Mountain Elementary School, Alabama


I love the life of Helen Keller; she makes me want to do things that are good and kind.”

Abbey, Weeden School, Florence City Schools, Alabama


Helen Keller is someone that I admire so very much.  Thank you for sharing her story with our class.  I will never forget it.”

Jordan, Lauderdale County Schools, Alabama


“Ms. Thompson, thank you so very much for visiting our school.  My daughter absolutely loves Helen Keller and her story.”

Robin, Athens, Alabama


“Ms. Thompson, your aunt, Helen Keller, was a very smart woman.  I am amazed at the things she accomplished being deaf and blind.”

 Usman Azhar, Student, Forest Park School, Alabama


“Ms. Keller, I think it would be great to have Helen Keller as an aunt.  I loved learning that she could speak clearly, and she learned to read lips.  I know this helped her.” 

Brett, Student, Albany, New York


Thank you for telling us more about Helen Keller.   I didn’t know all the things you told me before you came.  I have a quarter from Alabama that has Helen Keller on it.  I know when I look at it I can remember all the stories you told me.  Thank you for coming here all the way from Alabama.”

Danielle, Student, Saratoga Springs, New York


Mrs. Thompson, I learned a lot more things about Helen Keller than I knew before.  Learning more about your great aunt is very interesting to me.  I don’t know anyone that is both blind and deaf.  Thank you for sharing with me her life and the things she stood for.”

Taylor Russell, Student, Tupelo, Mississippi


“Ms. Thompson, I cannot tell you how interesting and exciting your program on Helen Keller was for our students.  Having a relative of such a distinguished American to present to our students is something that we shall always treasure.  The children learned so much, and you were excellent.”

John Hall, Principal, Forest Park, New York


Thank you so very much for coming to our school year-after-year to share the amazing story of Helen Keller with our students.  They really enjoy it, and having a relative of Helen Keller present makes it even more exciting.”

Teacher, Hartselle City Schools, Alabama


Keller, thank you for all that you do in reaching students with the amazing story of your great, grand aunt, Helen Keller.  You are such an expert on her life and keep the children engaged for one whole hour, which is almost impossible these days.  Thank you!”

Tabitha Bowers, Community Leader, Orange Beach, Alabama


“Thank you for coming to my school and teaching me about your great Aunt, Helen Keller.  I learned so many things that are not in books about her.  She wanted to change the world and make it better, and she did.  I think you are changing the world too.”

Brandon, Student, Alexander City, Alabama


“Keller, we so appreciate you always taking the time to come present the amazing story of Helen Keller to our 2nd grade students.  They love the many stories that show them what an amazing individual she was.  Thank you for continuing her legacy, I know she would be proud.”

Ms. Linley, Teacher, GW Trenholm Primary School, Alabama


“I am so amazed that Helen Keller was such a brave and smart woman and never gave up on her dreams.  Thank you for teaching us about her.”

 Maqaddas, Student, Alabama


“Ms. Keller, thank you for coming to my class to share the story of Helen Keller.  I think Helen Keller teaches us to be kind, to try to do the best we can, and also that it doesn’t matter what other people think of us as long as we are happy inside.”  Arlie, Student, Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind


Keller, thank you so much for all the work that you do to continue the legacy of your Aunt, Helen Keller.  The students enjoy you coming to our school year-after-year, and they learn so much.  You are a very dedicated individual, and you are passionate about what you do.  This is absolutely a wonderful program that I enjoy so much.” 

M. Harris, Teacher (Retired), Cahaba Heights Elementary School, Alabama


“Thank you for telling the classes of Chancellor Livingston School about Helen Keller’s life.  It was very wonderful, and I liked it a lot.  I cannot believe I met someone related to Helen Keller.  That was very, very cool. 

Taylor, Student, Chancellor Livingston School, Alabama


“Ms. Thompson, thank you for teaching me the important things about Helen Keller.  It is amazing all the things that she did throughout her life.  Overcoming being deaf and blind is remarkable, but helping others is so important. It is something I will always remember.”

Annie, Student, Colbert Heights, Alabama


“I appreciate you taking the time to come to our school and to educate our students about the important lessons that Helen Keller’s life teaches us.  I have always admired Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan.  The work that you do to continue to teach her story is truly inspiring.”

Gale Satchel, Administrator, Colbert County Schools, Alabama


“Mrs. Thompson, my daughter, Jordan and I want to thank you for visiting her class and sharing the story of your amazing aunt with the students here at Vestavia Hills.  I learned so much more about Helen Keller through your program than I have my entire adult life.  I hope you will continue this program for many years to come.”

L. Johnson, Parent, Vestavia Hills Schools, Alabama


“Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, have been role models for me my entire life, even causing me to become a teacher myself.  Keller, you do such an outstanding job at telling your aunt’s story in a way that students understand and enjoy.  Thank you for what you do.  You are welcome in my class anytime.” 

S. Ellis, Teacher, Muscle Shoals City Schools, Alabama


“Ms. Keller, I know your aunt, Helen Keller would be so proud of you for going to schools and telling students like me all about her.  She is an amazing person, and I am so thankful that you came to my school to tell my class why she is so famous.  I wish I had been able to meet her.  I think your job is cool and maybe when I grow up, I can go visit students and tell them about Helen Keller just like you.”

Jenny Smith, Student, Auburn City Schools, Alabama


“Ms. Thompson does a fantastic job of presenting Helen Keller’s story in such a way that students learn as much about the person as the many achievements of her life.  Woven throughout this hour-long talk is the life lesson that obstacles, even major ones, can be overcome.”

Jim Holliman, Coordinator, Enrollment Services, ACCESS Distance Learning, University of Alabama