The Injured Eye


Over 2 million eye injuries occur annually in the United States, with 60-100,000 of these having serious visual consequences, including loss of the eye from a retinal detachment, macular hole, ocular rupture or infection.  Ocular injuries are the most preventable form of sight loss and affect all age groups.  The causes are numerous, from shaken baby syndrome to sports injuries.  Injuries can occur at both the workplace and home.  One third of eye injuries occur in children.  Adult eyes are injured at home, work, in automobile accidents and recreational activities.  Elderly patients are particularly susceptible to falls at home, often leading to craniofacial and globe injury.  Prevention strategies must be based on a better knowledge of how, where, to whom and why eye injuries occur.


Treatment of the injured eye continues to be the most challenging of all types of eye surgery.  But injuries usually occur in young, healthy eyes, so a successful operation can often restore as much as a half century of eyesight.
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